A Nurse Reveals: How Hospital Rooms Are Being Disinfected Between Patients and How You Can Do the Same at Your Home.

This technique just became accessible to the general public...

05.22.2020 | Steven Lehman

Hospitals are places where stakes are very high. Failure to completely disinfect rooms between patients can lead to a disaster.

“We are not allowed to let a new patient enter a room until we are sure it’s 99.99% free of germ and pathogens,” Says Clara T., a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Illness transmission is very subtle, and invisible micro-organisms can be living on any surface that can be easily neglected, even with the most strict cleaning. Therefore, we can’t rely on conventional cleaning methods.”

Apparently, for a long time, hospitals have been using a type of ultraviolet light called UV-C to kill pathogens effectively. UV-C is usually emitted by the sun, but, technology made it possible long ago to produce this light wavelength on-demand.  It is only recently, however, that scientific developments have made this powerful disinfection method available to the general public.

“The UV-C generating devices we use in hospitals have always been bulky and very impractical to use at home, in addition to the fact that only trained specialists are allowed to use them.” Continues Clara

How Does UV-C Work?

As we previously mentioned, UV-C is a type of ultraviolet light that belongs to the visible spectrum. UV-C’s short wavelength can penetrate micro-organisms and attack their DNA/RNA, damaging it and making it impossible for them to survive or replicate. All of this without using chemicals or any manual effort.

Most people don’t realize just how hazardous everything around us is. Harmful micro-organisms can stick to any innocent surface including your phone, keyoboard sofa...

The effects of UV-C light on bacteria are well-documented. Essentially, it destroys the strain by damaging the DNA structure beyond repair.

William S. Robinson, Pathologist


UV-C has also proved effective on many types of novel viruses like the SARS-CoV-2 that causes the COVID-19 disease. [R]

Indeed, much attention of late has turned to the power of ultraviolet light to inactivate the novel coronavirus. As a technology, ultraviolet light disinfection has been around for a while. And while practical, large-scale efficacy against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 has yet to be shown. UV light shows a lot of promise: SSLEEC member company Seoul Semiconductor in early April reported a "99.9% sterilization of coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 seconds" with their UV LED products. Their technology currently is being adopted for automotive use, in UV LED lamps that sterilize the interior of unoccupied vehicles.

University of California - Santa Barbara


Not only in Hospitals

Hospitals, it turns out, are not the only place where UV-C is being used for disinfection. Airlines have also been using this method to get rid of sickness-causing pathogens and viruses from airplanes after travelers have left, and we know how strict commercial flying policies are. The same thing is true for the food and beverage industry.

This is what the CDC says about the technology: “The entire UV spectrum can kill or inactivate many micro-organisms, but UVC energy provides the most germicidal effect. It is effective for the destruction of airborne organisms or the inactivation of organisms on surfaces.”

So no doubt there, the technology is effective.

Now becoming available to the general public

Thanks to advancements in technology, a company called Uvlizer™ was able to produce the first UV-C generating device that’s made for domestic use. Bulky machines with giant light tubes are now a thing of the past as the company was able to efficiently manufacture small 38W bulbs powerful enough to disinfect a 250-square -foot yet compact enough to be easily portable to any room in your home.

I’ve had the opportunity to test Uvlizer firsthand in my lab, and it works as well as advertised. The bacteria are completely eliminated in about 30 minutes. Since testing it for myself, I’ve been telling the other doctors to start recommending it to their patients. It’s a small thing you can do to really protect yourself from sickness.

William S. Robinson, Pathologist

Knowing that our homes can contain a more diverse population of bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungus than even the dirt outside, we went ahead and ordered the Uvlizer™ from their official website.

It was delighting to have it arrive so quickly with everything that's going on... It came in a beautiful, sleek, modern-looking box. Here’s our review.

Dual Action Mechanism

To make the disinfection process more effective, Uvlizer™ doesn’t only use UV-C but also a natural compound called tri-oxygen, or what’s commonly known as Ozone. Ozone also has a powerful germicidal effect on micro-organisms. The combination of these two methods ensures  very thorough home disinfection. The ozone can reach into areas that are hard for the light to reach.

Solid Safety Features

UV-C is not only very effective, but it’s also very safe when used correctly. The important thing to remember is that no one can be in the room while the device is doing its work. Luckily, Uvlizer has two handy safety features. You can turn it on by remote control from outside the room. It also has a delayed-start feature, so if you turn it on manually, you have plenty of time to leave the room before it starts. 

Portable Design

As we previously mentioned, Uvlizer was aiming for a home UV-C disinfection device that’s not bulky. And we have to say, they totally succeeded in doing that. This device is super portable. It can be easily moved anywhere in your home. An added benefit is that it is so easy to store.

Fast disinfection

We think it's great that it can disinfect a bathroom in just 15 minutes. Even for our largest bedroom, 30 minutes was plenty of time. Uvlizer has three timer settings - 15, 30, and 60 minutes - to accommodate all different room sizes. Our living room/dining room area is really big and long, but we just operated it for two 30-minute cycles, once in the dining room side and once in the living room side. No problem! 

Multiple Usages

In addition to using it for home disinfection, we have found another great use for Uvlizer™. Until now, whenever we brought something new into our home - whether it was groceries, or package, or even furniture - we made sure to spray it or wipe it down with a chemical disinfectant which is not the best thing for your respiratory health. However, since one doesn't have a better option, it was better than catching a dangerous virus. 

Now, that has changed, fortunately. These days whenever we bring something into the house, we use Uvlizer™ to disinfect it. It's not only safer but also more effective. The peace of mind this gives us we wouldn't for anything.

Our Verdict

Overall, our experience has been very positive with the Uvlizer™. We think it's a great deal especially since health and safety is a huge concern nowadays. For us, it's an investment in protecting our family's health and peace of mind.

The only negative we could think of was that we wish the design could be made more suitable for packing away in luggage and traveling. We'd like to take it with us!

We believe that this device will be going viral soon, and you can probably expect shortages. We are pleased that we already secured ours.

Uvlizer™ was also very kind and offered our readers $50 OFF their device because it is so important now for everyone to keep their home clean and safe.


UPDATE Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 -  Some companies have tried to copy this concept and are claiming to provide the same disinfection power, but those devices are nowhere near powerful enough. 

UPDATE Friday, May 29th, 2020 - All the family liked Uvlizer and they started recommending it to other friends and family. We were able to get additional devices for them using our special discount, so we do confirm that the discount is still working up until today. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.

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